I first learned how to sew from my mother as a teenager. It seemed a normal thing to me. My grandmother was an excellent seamstress. My mother made lots of my clothes when I was little and helped me with special things in high school. I spent most of my 20s travelling and didn’t come back to sewing until I had a home of my own. In the years since, I explored different kinds of projects from the crafty to the eclectic. I made clothes and costumes for the boys, useful things for the house, but couldn’t fully commit to one genre. It was watching my tiny daughter twirl around in a new dress I’d sewn for her that brought me back to my real passion – beautiful dresses. I loved a new frock when I was a child. I tested each dress for a satisfactory twirl. (Sometimes I still do.) Now, it is my pleasure to create something special for you and your daughter. I love to see a little girl’s face light up when she sees her new dress.